Caterpillar Learning Child Care
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Caterpillar Learning Child Care

Safe, fun, and educational—that’s how Caterpillar Learning Child Care is like. It’s a perfect place for kids of all ages to have all the fun they want and get all the education they need while staying in an absolutely safe environment—safe from any physical, emotional, or social harm. Respect is not something that is dependent on age. As young as your child is, enrolling them at Caterpillar Learning Child Care Care means they will start to become part of a community where respect and dignity are prioritized.

Here at Caterpillar Learning Child Care, your child is guaranteed the same quality care you give your kids. We educated your child in different aspects. We genuinely love children and we seek to not only give them quality care but a quality learning time with us.

You never have to worry about your children when you entrust their care to us at Caterpillar Learning Child Care. We create a positive environment that lets your child foster healthy friendships with peers, learn manners and good conduct from facilitating staff and possibly discover his or her potential in different fields such as art, music, arithmetic, language, physical sports and many more.

Caterpillar Learning Child Care is no place for negativity. It is a totally secure place for your child. We shower kids with positivity and encourage them to pursue opportunities to make new friends, learn new skills and discover talents that they can develop.

Are you looking for Child Care Services in Victorville? Enroll your child at Caterpillar Learning Child Care! Please call 760-269-6559 or submit your child’s information via our online Admission Form.

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Learn How to Speak Spanish

Learning another language is like learning a new culture. We teach your child to say "Hello" and "Hola"...

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Changes to your Child's Schedule

Do you have an important trip or family event coming up? If this will affect your child’s schedule at Caterpillar Learning Child Care, please inform our office in advance. Please download our Change of Schedule form. Print it, fill it out and submit to us. Services may depend on availability of staff at Caterpillar Learning Child Care.
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Snacks included
  • Before & After School Program
  • Part Day & Full Day Care For All Ages
  • Drop-In for Non-School days and Holidays
  • Transportation to Area Schools
  • Extended Hours
  • Flexible Hours
  • Promoting Bilingualism
  • Promoting Kinder Preparation
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